Cranky The Troll hops

Out of the Digital TrollCave with the GirlFiend for a couple hours today.  I wish I could say it was for fun stuff, but no, just bills.  We went to get tobacco & groceries, and then she brought me home.  After watching some shows (lots of shows) about 9 pm I snuck to Super-WalMart to get her a birthday gift or three – I didn’t want to risk her seeing me out, which is why I went so late.

What  happened to Demon-Kitty, you ask?  The GirlFiend came and got him yesterday afternoon, after MUCH anguish on his part – he didn’t WANT to leave his nice, safe bathroom cabinet under the sink.   I’m told he assumed much the same attitude when he got to his NEW home.  We’re waiting for a day or two before sending Houdini over there, too, for two reasons:

1. To give little Pazuzu time to acclimate, calm down, and find all the BEST hiding spots, and

2. Because I love Houdini and I don’t WANNA give him up again, even if it IS to the GirlFiend. Wah!

That and a lot of snoozing is about what happened today.  I stayed up all night last night, so no wonder I was so tired.

Anyway, love and all the best traps, really.

demon kittymotivatorGrimtooth

Uncle Cranky


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