Uncle Cranky is

In pain, which is normal, but happy, because the GirlFiend loved the small gifts I got her for her birthday.  She does a lot for me, and always has, so it gives me joy to give her what I can.  It turns out that she’s worked herself sick the past few days, trying to move into her new apartment.  I have repeatedly offered to let her stay here, but she says it’s too small, and to tell the truth, she’s right.

This building is just the right size for me and three cats, with an occasional visitor overnight.  Even at that, it can be uncomfortable.  I am used to having things a certain way, and dislike having to move things about.

Did I say THREE cats?  Yes, my little buddy Houdini is once more here!  He came to stay when Demon-Kitty Bowie did, but unlike little Pazuzu, Houdini is perfectly at home here with Raisin and Elph and me.  He has yet to sit for a proper photograph, but he IS here.

Working my way through the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls rulebook, I’ve found charts for wandering monsters, treasure generation charts, suggestions for themes for adventures… Everything BUT detailed, simple instructions, so far anyway, about actually CREATING a dungeon or adventure.  There IS  a section in elaborations that talks about mapping tools available online, and that’s a good first step, but the ones I’ve seen are unsuitable for forests or caverns – so far.

Anyway, my shoulder is hurting, and the cats are crying.  Time to feed them and see what’s on the telly.


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