Morgan Freeman…


lost his step-granddaughter today, and what ASTOUNDS me is not that he had a step-anything (people DO get married, and even my favorite actor cannot be dictator to his own family, nor is he an otherworldly being – marriages and divorces HAPPEN), but rather, the comments I read when I went to his Facebook page to leave my condolences.

There were references to his perceived (real or not) atheism.  There was a question about whether the child’s killer was “a mexican or a illegal”.  Some people were arguing in the comments section about whether or not Mr. Freeman’s step-granddaughter had done something to deserve what had happened to her -deserved to be stabbed and left laying in the street like human garbage.

GOD DAMN IT.  Enough.  If Jesus the Christ were alive today, I swear he’d spend half his time punching you little pink and brown fools upside the heads to shake your common sense loose, and the other half doing it to shake your DECENCY loose.   Seriously.  Your species would try the patience of God, Godself.

One’s religion or lack thereof is one’s OWN business, even if one is a world-famous actor, or the President. A comments column for death condolences is NO place to start a fight over a political issue.   And to suggest that a victim caused herself to be murdered, whether there’s truth in it or not, is absolutely class-less.  Show some kindness.  Show some respect.

Grrr.  And Sunday was going so WELL.


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